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No. 142 


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Publication of this Document Approved by the Commission on Administration and Finance 

Mass.. Secretary of tne Commonwealth 
', - ST. ;^^' 


20 Somerset St., Boston 
November 30, 1940 

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives in General Court Assembled: 

The Division of Metropolitan Planning herewith respectfully submits its annual 
report for the year ending November 30, 1940: 

Rapid Transit 

After many years interest in the proposed Huntington Avenue Subway, the Di- 
vision looks forward to the completion of this project which is scheduled for 
January, 1941. 

Some preliminary thought has been given to the feasibility and desirability of a 
new shuttle subway across the business section of the city from the Post Office 
Square district to Park Street. 

The Division has also considered the desirability of reducing the size of the 
seldom used subway incline in Cambridge Street, Boston, in order to provide better 
highway facilities in this heavily travelled street. 


Boston — Mayor's Conference on Traffic 

Mayor Maurice J. Tobin, in January, established the Mayor's Conference on 
Traffic consisting of representatives of many civic and governmental groups for the 
purpose of devising plans to alleviate Boston's serious traffic problems. As mem- 
bers of the Projects Committee of the Conference, the representatives of this Division 
cooperated with the City Planning Board, the Boston Traffic Commission, and other 
agencies, in the preparation of plans and estimates of various highway improvements 
destined to relieve congestion and facilitate the smooth flow of traffic. The Projects 
Committee has recommended to the Conference the following projects (those marked 
* had been studied and recommended by this Division in the past) : 

1. * Central Artery (elevated highway) 

2. *Blue Hills Radial 

3. Dover Street Widening 

4. *Rutherford Avenue Widening, Charlestown 

5. Porter Street Widening, East Boston 

6. *Traffic Circle at Brookline Avenue and Park Drive 

7. *Dorchester Avenue Widening 

8. Kenmore Square Busway 

9. Embankment Road Extension 

10. *American Legion Highway Extension 

11. *Gerry's Landing Bridge. 

It is expected that drafts of legislation to carry the recommendations into effect 
will be filed with the incoming Legislature. 

Local Planning Boards 

During the year the Division's staff has maintained contact with the local planning 
boards in the district by numerous visits and conferences. Some of the matters 
considered and studied as a result of these conferences are as follows : 

Arlington — Study of access to Concord Turnpike. 

Braintree, Weymouth — Study of traffic conditions, Route 3 at Weymouth Landing. 

Brookline — Brookline Village (Worcester Turnpike) 

Cottage Farm Bridge intersection. 
Canton — Ponkapoag intersection { Route 138 and Washington Street) and possible 

bypass of business section. 
Medford — Medford Square and "Gravelly Creek" highway. 

Stoneham, Reading and Wakefield — Study of proposed bypass to carry Route 28 
around the centres of these towns. 

Saugus — Study of possible widening of Lynn Fells Parkway. 

Weston — Proposed circumferential Route 128. 

Westwood — Intersection study, Pond, Nahatan and High Streets. 

The Division has, as usual, been constantly in touch with the Department of 
Public Works and the Metropolitan District Commission in matters looking toward 
the general improvement of transportation facilities in the district. 

To the incoming Legislature of 1941, the Division will again recommend a six- 
year program of highway development in the Metropolitan District. The following 
projects will be recommended: 

1. Circumferential Highway (Route 128). Completion of the northern por- 
tion from the Worcester Turnpike in Wellesley «to the Newburyport Turn- 
pike in Lynnfield, also a short distance in Hingham to the Nantasket Road. 
(Approximately two miles are now under construction in Lynnfield and 

2. General traffic route, Canton-Randolph-Braintree. 

3. Inner Circumferential, or Milton-Quincy Highway. 

4. Watertown-Newton-Waltham Highway. 

5. Extension of Concord Highway — Alewife Brook Parkway to Porter Square, 

6. Portion in District of New York Highway — Milton to Walpole. 

7. Extension of American Legion Highway to Washington Street, Boston. 

8. Extension of Middlesex Turnpike to Concord Highway in Lexington. 

9. Extension of McLellan Highway from Day Square to the Sumner Tunnel, 
East Boston. 

10. Dorchester Avenue widening, Boston. 

11. Gerry's Landing Bridge and connections, Boston and Cambridge. 

12. Memorial Drive extension to Arsenal Street, Cambridge and Watertown. 

13. Circle at intersection of Northern Artery and Prison Point Viaduct, Cam- 

14. Grade separations at intersection of Northern Artery and Washington Street, 

15. Grade separation at intersection of Washington Street and Boylston Street, 
Brookline Village. 

16. Grade separation at Arborway and Washington Street, Forest Hills, Boston. 

17. Traffic circle at Boylston Street, Park Drive and Riverway, Boston. 

18. Grade separation at Commonwealth Avenue and Cottage Farm Bridge, 

19. Grade separations and traffic circles at Revere Beach Parkway, Broadway 
and Main Street, Everett. 

Maps and Bulletins 

The record maps of the district have been revised and kept up to date and the 
publication of a monthly bulletin concerning planning matters has continued. 

Financial Statement 

Appropriation and Expenditures for the Fiscal Year Ending 
November 30, 1940 

Appropriation $20,082.93 

Expenditures 16,997.51 

Balance reverted $ 3,085.42 

Financial Statement Verified. 

Approved. Walter S. Morgan, Comptroller. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Division of Metropolitan Planning 


Arthur W. Dean, Chairman 
Lester Watson, Vice Chairman 
Frederick J. Mahony 
Paul C. Ryan 
John M. Whouley 
William F. Rogers 
Daniel P. McGillicuddy 

Henry I. Harriman, Director.